Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Record Cupcake Stand

When planning any kind of shower or party my first thought can be summed up in one word:  cake.  When we started coming up with cake ideas and settled on the tiny milkshakes this idea instantly came to mind.  I'd seen it on Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for this party.  

My sister and I had a good time digging through the record bins at Half Price Books.  I wanted clean, colorful records that would make for a nice statement piece on the food table.  Get them in various sizes so the cupcakes are easily accessible! 

I didn't want to wait on the dedicated cake stand hardware to come (you can find it on Amazon) so I went with shot glasses from the Target dollar spot.  I uses super strong glue (E6000 from the jewelry craft aisle) because I had visions of the records and cupcakes toppling over and I didn't want that!

You see how the glasses are facing different directions?  That's because I had to account for the holes in the middle of each record.  I would have preferred them both to be like the bottom layer but that pesky little record on top had a large opening.  In the end I think it looks nice and, dare I say, intentional.  

Be careful and use a toothpick if necessary to spread the glue around the edge of the glass before you secure it.  Make sure the records are all facing the same direction before it dries!

The finished stand was really sturdy when it dried.  It cleared the cupcakes nicely--keep that in mind when you're choosing the shot glasses (the taller, the better!).


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