Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Next Big Thing

La de da, grad school's over, lots of spare time...for me to get lazy.  Funny how having MORE time makes me LESS productive.  Combine wanting to relax after 3.5 years of school with my newfound love for Pinterest and I was quickly turning into a couch potato.  I've enjoyed discovering a few new blogs, too (shout out to  I like to read leadership articles and blogs like the now-business-savvy girl I am and the theme for this new year seems to universally be "stop talking about doing something and actually go for it!"  I've talked about starting my own business for a long time and have flip-flopped between opening a bakery or a scrapbooking retreat.  Upon discovering the Texas Cottage Foods Law (letting bakers sell goods out of their homes!) and realizing that I do not have the kind of startup money needed for a scrapbook retreat it seemed like the bakery was the way to go. 

Thus, Sweet Creations by Adi was born. 

I'd noticed around Christmas that on more than one occasion when I handed people their gifts they responded with "is it cookies?!"  I've also noticed my cookies do really well at bake sales.  With virtually no startup costs and an aresnal of delicious cookie recipes I decided it was time to do this.  I filed for my DBA (Doing Business As or "assumed name") last week so the name is official.  I've calculated ingredient costs and I'm working on pricing as well as a facebook page (which you should go right now and like:  Sweet Creations by Adi's Facebook page).  I've still got a little bit of research to do on taxes and fun stuff like that but pretty soon I hope to announce that this sweet little business is up and running.  I'll keep you posted!