Friday, October 29, 2010

Shirt Crazy

Last year I wanted a school shirt so I could fit in on the spirit days.  The only option I saw was the athletics t-shirt; you know, the kind that you write your name on with a Sharpie. I took matters into my own hands and created three versions.  The first two were of the iron-on variety:  one orange with white curly, fuzzy letters, the other black with rhinestones.  The final shirt looked like this:

I've been wearing the shirts all year, and this one in the picture is my favorite.  One of the other teachers told me a couple of times how much she liked it.  I offered to make her one if she gave me a shirt, so I made another one in white.  Mom had also asked me to keep my eye out for HMS shirts, so I made one as a surprise for her, too.  I guess I was on a kick that weekend because I also made a Texas Wesleyan tank top:

as well as a TCU shirt:

It was also the day I made my TCU dress (which you've seen before):

I love it when I can wear my projects! :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

TCU dress

TCU football games have an odd dress code.  Football games have always been the place to be seen.  Dressing up is the unofficial requirement.  As a student I subscribed to more of the Hyperfrog style of dress:  face paint, purple hair, and crazy shirts and costumes.  As an alum, I've calmed it down a little and swapped out my old purple craziness for any purple TCU shirt and my TCU alumni hat. 

Over the last year I've noticed the cute TCU dresses that have been popping up on campus, and I've seen other schools in on the trend:  A&M, Baylor, Oklahoma State.  Not wanting to shell out $70 for the ones I saw, I decided to use my craft skills and make my own.  I found an ankle-length dress at Old Navy in TCU purple, and it was the last one of its kind so I got a pleasant surprise when it rang up for about ten bucks at the register!  It was a little too long to show off my boots, so I cut it off at the knees and hemmed it.  For the TCU tie-in, I added a rhinestone "TCU" in the signature curved style on the top left strap.

Add a purple necklace and horned frog earrings, and it's game time!