Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recent Cakes

Wow, has business certainly picked up!  I've had the opportunity to make some really neat cakes and orders lately.  From dinosaurs to telephones to massive amounts of cake I think I have confidently broken in that new oven.  Let me take you through some of my most recent projects:

First is a dinosaur cake for little Liam.  I helped with a dinosaur-themed shower for my pals Amanda and Garrett and brought the cake for it.  I found a cute pattern online and adjusted the colors to make this:

Along with cake I made some cookie sandwiches.  Yum!!  I rolled them in little dinosaur sprinkles. 

I got to make another dinosaur for a baby shower for a teacher at school.  The hostesses wanted it to reflect the nursery colors of the baby which resulted in this cake:

He got some spikes down his back and some tiny little toes.  I'm not sure there were any dinosaurs in these colors but I sure like the little guy. 

I shared a booth at the Central High School craft fair with my pal Jenny of Party the Night Away.  One of the moms from the drill team that sponsored the fair ordered 150 cupcakes for their Mother-Daughter Tea a couple of weeks later.  It turns out that's a lot of cupcakes!

Another vendor from that fair ordered some cakes and cookies for her son and daughter's birthday party.  Here's my favorite cake from that package:

A former coworker of mine ordered a cake for a luncheon she hosted for another former coworker of mine.  The honoree is a receptionist and they refer to her as a "smooth operator."  I think that just about explains this one:

I made a couple of massive sheet cakes for the eighth grade awards ceremony at school.  I don't have pictures of those but trust me, they were HUGE!  Like, just barely fit into the massive back seat area of an F150 huge. 

One final project was a cake for my friend Bear's graduation.  We went through our graduate programs at roughly the same time and he finished his this semester.  His wife Heather threw him a surprise party that was organized by Jenny from Party the Night Away.  Here are a few pics of the celebration (including the checkerboard cake!):

Thanks for stopping by!