Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New threads

I'm taking a break from the sugary posts to bring you several projects I recently made.  I've been pinning ideas since December and it finally hit me that I need to try some of this stuff!  In my browsing of ideas I came across the blog of a really cute college girl at A&M who just so happens to be 5'9" and loves to sew, which means that all of her patterns will automatically fit me!  Check out her blog here.

The first thing I made was this shirt:

Her pattern called for a knit fabric but I had a large portion of this sitting around.  If you decide to use something than other than knit you'll want to make sure you hem up the sides first so they don't fray.  I followed her directions blindly until I tried it on and realized the edges around the armholes would be raw.

The second thing I made was not a pattern but more of an easy old stand-by for summer:

This was an impulse buy when I was at Joann's looking for another project.  I liked how long the material was, especially since most of the pre-smocked fabrics are designed for little girls and wouldn't make it to my waist much less my calves!  The polka dot print is so fun and I love these colors together.

The final project has affectionately been named the "Grecian Goddess" by a few of my coworkers:

Here is where the part about the girl being 5'9" comes in handy!  I can't remember the last time I tripped over a dress.  I left it too long on purpose just because I could!  If you can sew in a straight line you can sew this dress--it is that easy!  It's a compliment-getter and super-fast to make...give it a try if you're feeling crafty.  (And then do a "walk the runway" shot using your sidewalk like it appears I was doing.  That picture turned out funnier than I intended!)

Happy sewing!