Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day and earrings

Last weekend I made some jewelry for the moms.  The first one is for Nina to complement her Mother's Day gift (a black and red kimono-style top):

Emily helped me pick out these birds for some earrings for Mom to wear with the dress she was going to wear to Dad's birthday dinner:

I found a few pendants at Hobby Lobby that I decided to turn into big, bold earrings.  (I borrowed some from Jenny when I went to the San Antonio conference for work and vowed to start wearing bigger, bolder earrings.  I made her a pair of the turquoise ones, in honor of the turquoise ones she let me wear to match the dress I picked up down there.)

These look like stained glass, through I'm working on making the hole in the middle of the left one punched out like the one on the right:

Here are some hot pink ones!  (My middle school girls loved these.)

And, finally, a pair of kinda vintage-y bronze ones with lots of stones:

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