Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A while back I promised a post of my Christmas crafts, but that was before I kinda misplaced the camera with all of the pictures on it.  (That's what happens when you clean!)  Luckily, it's been found, so I have craftiness to share.

The "10 days of Christmas" at work is a favorite event of mine.  For the first nine days you give a $1ish gift to your secret person, and the last day is a $10 gift.  I drew the name of the person I had last year, so I had to work harder this time to be sneaky and not duplicate last year's stuff.  She's a fun lady who is also pretty artsy, so I went in that direction. 

Here are the dangly Asian-inspired earrings I made:

Another day I gave homemade Chex mix in this funky bag:

One final picture of the homemade gifts:  a framed copy of "Dreams" by her favorite poet (she's also an English teacher).  I printed the poem on transparency, laid it over a stamped gold background, and framed it:

I also got crafty on a couple of other presents.  For my favorite two-year-old, Elizabeth, I made a frilly pink tutu:

For Kayla, I made a "nesting" necklace.  I got the idea from a magazine--it's a necklace that resembles a nest with eggs made from wire and beads.  I also added the "love" tag that dangles next to it:

Even the packaging was crafty!  (It's a recycled pineapple can...use a smooth can opener on the opposite end to open, wash it out, fill with the present, and glue back together.)

One final crafty project involves more appliqued shirts.  Kayla is teaching at a new school and wanted to make some unique shirts, so we used their colors as inspiration for these:

That wraps up the Christmas crafts.  Next up in the crafty department:  baby shower pics!

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