Thursday, July 2, 2015

Four Ways to Celebrate the Fourth of July

Being an almost-Fourth of July baby I have a real fondness for this holiday.  Of course, it's a great time to think about our great nation and be patriotic, but for me it's the beginning of a two-day celebratory extravaganza!

Here are my top four ways to celebrate the Fourth:

1) Sparklers!

The Fourth of July is just not complete without sparklers.  Yes, they are the baby toy of the fireworks stand, but they're minor enough that you can light them just about anywhere and not get into too much trouble.  (Not that I've ever been visited by the fire marshal or anything...)

2) Deck out the porch.

If you've followed this blog for the last year you've seen pictures of our Victorian-style house.  It has a wraparound porch that just begs to be decorated for the Fourth of July and Christmas.  I guessed how many swags to buy last year but it wasn't quite the right amount so I went back to the craft store after the holiday and bought a few more at a really good price.  Not pictured are big patriotic pinwheels lining the sidewalk, which I think add a nice, whimsical touch.

3) Go nuts with the red, white, and blue foods.

It's time to make kabobs of strawberries, bananas, and blueberries!  You could also make a flag cake using fruits or candies.  However, as pretty as a blue velvet cake looks and sounds, no human should ingest that much blue food dye.  Trust me on this one--my friends will never let me live that year down.

4) Scope out a good spot for the fireworks show.

Nowadays we party at a friend's house that overlooks a neighborhood pond and there's a great, unobstructed view of some nearby fireworks.  (My neighborhood is hilly with tons of trees--not so good for viewing fireworks.)  I'm the type who wants to get as close to the action as I can.  My earliest fireworks memories are of sitting and eating a snowcone on top of the family car in the parking lot where they were setting off the city fireworks and watching the remnants fall all around us.  As it should be.

How will you celebrate this year?


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