Monday, December 5, 2011

One of my favorite Christmas traditions

Every year I like to grab a few stars off of the Meals on Wheels tree at Texas Wesleyan. 

Local seniors get to request things like mittens, calendars, and even food for their dogs.  When we were on campus a few weeks ago taking graduation pictures Kayla and I stopped by the tree so I could choose this year's adoptees.  I chose one who wanted a magnifying glass and another who wanted socks.  Then Kayla spotted the perfect one and handed it to me:  a lady named Adrienne wanted a scarf.  Since she had such as awesome name I made her one myself.

If you're ever over in the neighborhood of TWU at Christmas you should participate in this great program.  You can also check your local senior center or retirement home--they tend to have trees like this, too.  While it's always a good time to help someone in need, you may just be able to give someone the only Christmas gift they'll receive this year.


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