Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Light Flight

My father-in-law had a great opportunity to go on the flight and could bring one other person.  Lucky for me:  the other (local) family members did not want to go!  We got on the flight list for last night and off we went.

Now I love driving around to look at Christmas lights, but Christmas lights on a plane?  Sign me up!

Look at the cool nose art on this C47!

The cockpit:
They invited WWII vets to sign the plane and we were lucky enough to have one join us that night!  (He was 90!)  The messages around the plane were so neat. 

Here we go!
A few shots of downtown Fort Worth:

I may have gotten in trouble for having the flash on but those were the best pictures.  (I promise I did not even realize it!  I was just trying to get good pictures and the best were on sports mode!)  Maybe if I took the time to learn more about my camera I could have gotten some good pictures WITHOUT the flash.

It was a cool opportunity and I'm so thankful I got to go!  Here's a link to the Great Generation Aircraft website in case you're interested in touring Fort Worth from above.  We had a blast!


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