Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Office Chic

I've moved around a bit and I'm no stranger to setting up a new space.  My first classroom as in a closet, as was my first school office:

...a closet full of stuff.

After that it was on to a shared portable that I showed here and here:

and eventually on office "up on the hill" not far from the administration building (but connected to the school's alternative behavior program...oh well, close enough).  I recently mentioned here that I've moved again but before I did I snapped a few pictures of the old office. 

It was bright turquoise when I moved in but that didn't bother me--I already had a lamp to match!  The area around my desk was covered in cards and notes that made me smile:

Dual monitors are the greatest thing!  How did I ever work without them?

You can just see the top of the giant Eiffel Tower collage that my sister- and mother-in-law put together for me with pictures of our 2013 trip to Europe.  I love seeing the pictures and remembering all of the places we went.  Up near the top is a painting I made at one of those "paint with a twist" kinds of places.

I insisted on snagging my in-laws' old loveseat and putting it in my little office.  I meant to sit on it when I had a lot of grant reading to do but my reading load decreased once I got the couch and everyone else sat on it a lot more than I did.  It was comfy, though!

I made curtains to eliminate the afternoon glare on my computer.  I also took apart a Paris calendar and hung all of the pictures to brighten up the place.  I also framed and added ribbon hangers to a couple of watercolor pictures of Paris that my sister- and brother-in-law picked up for me on one of their trips.

Hey, a purple Christmas tree! 

The artwork is from my Texas Wesleyan days.  It lived a HMS after I left but when the grant ended their I reclaimed them and now they're a real bright spot in my office.  I love the decal on the side of the filing cabinet:  a giant Eiffel Tower!

Next week I'll cover the new space, which includes a couple of new pieces and some blank wall space.  You'll have to give me some ideas on how to fill it!


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