Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quick DIY Valentine gift

Is it just me or is everyone feeling crummy lately? There are a lot of bugs going around this time of year so here's a Valentine that may help with that:  a Lovebug!

hand sanitizer

hand sanitizer

This is a quick way to show you care that may keep the germs away AND won't run the risk of getting them off track when it comes to those New Year's resolutions.  

I found the idea on Pinterest but then put my own spin on it.  I went to Dollar Tree and got a bottle of hand sanitizer, a couple of packs of glittery foam heart stickers, and a package of heart-shaped beads.  Start by peeling off the front label.  Take out the pump and pour in some heart beads (I made 10 of these so I divided the package 10 ways), pushing them down with the stem of the pump to make them all fit.  Screw on the pump and wipe off any spillage.  Decorate with the stickers and you're on to the label. 
I found a cute trail of ladybugs through Google and used it to outline a little message I typed in Word.  (By right clicking and formatting you can send the image to the back, which frees up the blank area in the middle so your words show through.) 

Cut out the label, sign your message, punch a hole, and attach it to the pump using some curly ribbon.  Voila!  Easy, useful, and cute!


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