Wednesday, June 17, 2015

5 Father's Day gift ideas

Need a good idea for this year's Father's Day gift?  How about five?

1) Take him to do his favorite thing.

Of course, this will differ from dad to dad.  What is your dad into?  One thing we've done for our dads in past years was go to the shooting range.  It was something we were all into but don't get to do nearly enough.  It was a blast!  (haha)

2) Bake him a treat and serve it on or in something useful.

One year I baked an assortment of desserts and arranged them in a grill basket.  It was a gift that could be enjoyed now and later!

3) Ask your mom what he really wants.

Okay, this one's kind of cheating, but only halfway.  You'll still be able to surprise him and you'll look really thoughtful.  (Admitting you had help is optional.)

4) Take him to dinner.

Has he been wanting to try a new place?  Is he the type who would never splurge on a really nice steak?  Treat him to a special meal!

5) Make him a nice dinner.

One year my husband and I went on a trip to Canada and stopped in Seattle.  Between the two places we had some amazing local seafood.  When we got back, we tracked down some of the amazing salmon that we had up there and made a feast for our dads.  Get out the nice dishes you never use, toss a table cloth over the table, and feast!

What are you doing for your dad this Father's Day?


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