Sunday, June 14, 2015

Food Travels, Spring 2015 Edition (Austin and Palm Springs)

I traveled a little bit back in the spring and snapped some photos of my favorite foods along the way.  Consider this your quick guide to eating your way through Austin and Palm Springs!

Austin, TX
I've posted about food in Austin before, but I tried a new place this time that I can' wait to try again the next time I'm down there!  I was in the south part of town and found a place called Jack Allen's Kitchen, which I hear was founded by the guy of Z Tejas fame.  All I know is that it was DELICIOUS!

Each entree comes with housemade crisps and pimento cheese:


I ordered the crispy salmon.  It's not deep fried like the name would suggest; rather, it is seared so well that the inside remains flaky and perfect while the outside takes on a nice, crispy texture.


As good as the fish was (as well as the accompanying tomatillo sauce!) the real star of the show was the crab/microgreen/tomato salad.  They say they're a locally sourced restaurant and you could tell.  The tomatoes were so fresh, the crab was plentiful, and whatever sauce they used to bind it all together was heavenly.  (I've been told it was a Russian dressing but I'm only familiar with the red kind so I haven't figured this one out yet.)

Palm Springs
There's really only one name you need to know:  Sherman's.  This little deli is located along one of the main streets of town and is ALWAYS packed.

You can't go wrong with pastrami or corned beef, but I definitely recommend you split it with a friend.  Look at the size of my half!

Palm Springs

Their dessert case is unreal.  I got a slice of the chocolate bombe and I finished about half of my slice before giving in.  I sincerely regret forgetting the rest of it was in the hotel fridge because I would have had it for breakfast the next day!  It was incredible!

Palm Springs

Palm Springs

Thanks for joining me as I remembered my favorite on-the-road foods and treats.  If you'll excuse me, I need to go find some chocolate cake!


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