Sunday, February 16, 2014

Minecraft Creeper Cake (and a Pin-fail)

I was recently asked to make Minecraft cupcakes or cookies for a friend's birthday.  Knowing how pixelated the game is I wanted to make square cupcakes and I thought back to an idea I had seen on Pinterest for using a 9x13" baking dish to achieve this.  So, following the directions, I set it up like this:

In theory, the cakes should be square as they press together and rise.  I tried the pinch the sides as much as I could but the wet cake batter had other ideas.  Hoping for the best, I baked the cupcakes for a little longer than usual (more like a cake, since there was no space in between the cupcakes for the heat to circulate).  As you can probably guess, here's what I got when I opened the oven door:

Um, not quite what I was going for. 

Determined to make the best of it and let no cake go to waste I removed the cupcakes, let them cool, and reassembled my jigsaw puzzle cake and iced over the top in the style of a pull-apart cake:

Going back to the pixelated nature of Minecraft I used Wilton's Sugar Sheets (thin, edible fondant sheets) in black, dark green, and light green. 

I used a pastry wheel and cut the green sheets into small, half-inch squares.  The patterns in the game are not an exact checkered scheme but more of a randomized placement of pixels.  It kinda bugs me to do it that way (I like for things to be even!) but that's Minecraft and I was going for authenticity.

Consulting Google images for Minecraft (and I chose the Creeper because that was the most common image I saw) I got an idea of how large the black portions should be (about 2:1 black to green) and placed the black pieces just so:

Scary or something!  Hahaha, shows how much I know about Minecraft.  The ones I know who are more familiar with Minecraft got a kick out of it so I'll call it a win (or a salvaged Pin-fail!).


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