Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Buddy

Adam's little cousin, Abbey, turned one year old today and I got to make the cake for her party!  Her parents asked for a big cake in the shape of a "1" with a white background covered in red and blue fondant stars. 

I used a big ol' pan (1/2 sheet cake) and carved the 1 out white cake.  (It almost cracked in half when I had to flip it out of the pan onto the cooling racks!  Note to self:  find a bigger cooling rack!)

Next came the frosting and star border.  Then I used homemade marshmallow fondant (the only kind to use!) that I dyed and cut out lots of small stars.

The finished product:

Of course, Abbey needed her own cake, too (which I heard she ate very daintily, by the way):

Happy birthday, Abbey!  (Only the coolest people have birthdays on July 5th!)

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  1. The cake looks super-cute! So did you have a good birthday too, Miss Adi? I sent you something and I was so hoping it would get there in time!!