Friday, July 1, 2011

Flowers aplenty

We recently spent a week in Canada (or Canadia, as our group kept calling it).  The temperature in the Victoria/Nanaimo region of British Columbia is so mild--60's to 70's are common for this time of year with some light rain and they don't dip too far below the 40s, even in the winter.  Can you imagine?!  It's a sweltering 103 here consistenly right now!  The upside to these beautiful conditions is that the plants go nuts in such a lush environment.  For this post, bear with me as I stretch the premise of sharing my creations on this blog by instead showing my view of God's creations through the artistry of my camera lens (a Nikon D60 for those of you wondering).  Enjoy!

**All pictures are unedited.**

Pacific Shores Resort in Nanoose Bay

Milner Gardens in Nanaimo

Washington wildflowers (from Pike Street Market in Seattle)

**Bonus pictures:  my favorites with Adam**

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  1. I love love love love love the one of you guys on the bench overlooking the water. Did I mention how much I love it???