Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Major Promotion

My sweet husband is now a Major!  While we'll miss the Captain America jokes we can now move on to the Major Pain ones.

He wanted a cookies and milk reception after the promotion so guess what I did for the three days prior to the ceremony?

Air Force promotion

Air Force promotion

Air Force promotion

sugar cookies

Air Force promotion

That would be 87 sugar cookies and 14 dozen Guard cookies.  Ohhhh, the sugar!

The display at the ceremony was a mix of theirs and ours when it comes to decorations.  We were going with blue and gold (blue and yellow are the official AF colors, who knew?) but they had some red so we went with it.

The cookie table:

cookie reception

Milk table:

milk and cookies reception

The sugar cookies--they're in the shape of the oak leaf cluster, the official symbol of Majors and Lieutenant Colonels (Majors are gold, Lieutenant Colonels are silver).  I hope to be using this cookie cutter again someday...

Major promotion

The famous Guard cookies:

Air Force promotion

The ceremony was sweet and the dessert reception even sweeter (haha, literally!).  After the business was over we all went to celebrate the Major at Dave and Buster's.  That place was a blast.  I rule at Skeeball.  The end. 


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