Thursday, March 5, 2015

First snow at the Victorian!

We got snow!  Multiple times!  In Texas!

Victorian snow

We missed three whole days of work!

Victorian snow

We ice skated in the street!  (Okay, I slid from the mailbox to the driveway in my boots...close enough...)

Victorian snow

We had our first fire!

antique fireplace

It's all pretty much melted now but it was fun while it lasted.  Now it's (almost) time for Spring Break!  I will NOT be pulling down wallpaper this year.  Speaking of, happy one year anniversary to our house!  It's changed a lot and has a long way to go.  I plan to do a series with my mid-week posts that shows some before- and after-shots of our place but for now it's time to clean up all of the muddy little paw prints caused by this melting snow!


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