Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bachelorette Party ("classy, not trashy")

Planning a bachelorette party?  Want to have some good, clean fun?  Here's a cheat sheet for you as you plan the big night!

Start with adorable invitations

We were going for the "classy" theme so I cut out black cardstock in a dress shape and embossed the great Coco Chanel quote "a girl should be two things:  classy and fabulous."  I finished it off with a beaded accent at the top and a strip of glitter at the bottom.


On the back, I cut a piece of silver cardstock after printing the details of the party.  (I covered up the address portion.)  In case you can't read it, it says at the top:  "Let's celebrate a lady who's both!"  At the bottom, it says:  "Wear your favorite little black dress...We're taking the bride out on the town!"  Then I glued the back of each of the invitations together.


One additional thing I placed in the envelope was a little cutout of lingerie, complete with rhinestone accents.  I added the bra size and gown size but I didn't want to give away the bride's secrets here!


Have a dress code

I don't mean in a junior high hemline three inches above the knee kind of way!  The invitation told everyone to wear their favorite little black dress, and I told the bride to wear white.  I also had a veil and sash for her to wear, just so everyone would know it was her special day!

black and white

Pick a fun place for dinner

The bride helped with this one but we went to a fun Mexican restaurant and got a big, round booth that was perfect for our little party.


Go on a scavenger hunt

There are a couple of ways to go about this:  couple-themed or destination-themed.  If the town or area where you're having the party is special to the couple, make a list of places that were meaningful in their relationship.  If you're doing more of a destination party, just create a list of fun things to do around town.  (That's the one we chose!)

Here are some ideas:
  • get a guy to propose
  • get someone to serenade the bride
  • make a public toast to the bachelorette
  • take a picture with another bachelorette
  • take a picture with a groom at his bachelor party
  • find a guy with the same name as the groom
  • get asked for your ID (thrilling after 30!)
  • take a picture with an animal
  • keep a souvenir from a bar or restaurant
  • pose with a server or bouncer
  • a picture of the sign at each place you go
We did this as a group since there were just 5 of us but if your party is big then you can make it a competition.  




Wrap it up with a lingerie party! 

I can't explain it, but girls just like to buy pretty, frilly things for their friends.  We headed back to the house for some girly fun.

At this point I introduced lavender into the color scheme and used it as an accent throughout the party.

An easy-to-personalize polka dot banner:


Coordinating napkins:


Party favors!

party favor

Mason jar glasses with purple and white polka dot straws and lavender milk (okay, milk I colored purple):

 purple milk

More purple decorations:


Homemade mousse martinis!


Time to open presents!


We displayed them on a clothesline, complete with purple sparkly clothespins!


We had so much fun celebrating the bride.  There's still time before the wedding...maybe we should do it again!


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