Sunday, May 31, 2015

Pin Fails!

I don't know about you, but I like to keep a Pinterest board called "Pin Fails."  It's a good reminder to myself to not try stuff again, and a good warning for my friends so they can avoid impending DOOM!

Here's a peek at what I've tried and now consider to be "fails:"

"Healthy" Pancakes

Tastes like banana eggs, not pancakes:  1 ripe banana + 2 eggs = pancakes! Whole batch = about 250 cals. Add a dash of cinnamon and a tsp. of vanilla! Top with fresh berries! #cleaneating

"1 banana + 2 eggs = pancakes!" the description promises.  When you consider that there are only those two ingredients, they will not magically taste like pancakes.  These are banana-flavored eggs, people.  Adding "healthy" or "clean" to an old favorite like "pancakes" does not make it okay.

Hot Buttered Cheerios

hot buttered cardboard

Okay, so strike 1 is my fault:  I don't actually like Cheerios.  Since I can't seem to handle popcorn I'm always on the lookout for a good substitute, and this seemed promising.  Cheerios are pretty neutral, and all you're adding is butter.  How bad could it be?  It was hot buttered cardboard bad.  Like, there's a reason you haven't seen this recipe again since 1982 bad.  Just don't even go there.

Crock-pot Steak and Potatoes

Lack of liquid=charcoal steak:  Crockpot steak, potatoes, & corn on the cob -- Steak was almost like pot roast and potatoes weren't 100% done. I might do an hour or two on high next time then 4-6 hours on low.

Ah, the working person's dream:  a perfectly cooked dinner waiting for you when you get home.  If only!  This was a complete disaster.  The steaks were tough and dry, and the potatoes burned.  I don't even remember how the corn turned out because the rest of it was such a disaster.  AVOID!

...and...for dessert...

Chocolate Mousse Shots

Coconut milk + Cocoa Powder Wow. Gross.

Awww, this one had such potential!  I like chocolate and coconut--this should have been great!  Should have been...but wasn't.  It was so bitter and just tasted like it was trying to be something it wasn't.  I think I'll rename them "chocolate impostor shots."

This post was all in fun, because, let's face it--we all have disaster-in-the-kitchen stories.  The difference is that most of us don't share them online for the world to see.  I say if they're out there, they're fair game.

What are some Pins that you've tried that have gone horribly, hilariously wrong?


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