Sunday, May 17, 2015

Graduation Party Ideas

Last week I received an invitation to my cousin's high school graduation.  Is she seriously that old?  I wasn't too far from my own high school graduation when she was born, and since I'm still 21 in my own mind that means she's definitely not old enough to graduate...

It seemed like a good time to post about some of my favorite ideas for a graduation party.  I joined Pinterest after my last grad school final (the carrot at the end of the final-master's-course-stick, if you will).  My own party was the first thing Pinterest ever helped me plan, and I used it to help with my little sister's graduation from the same school a few years later, too.  A lot of the ideas are blue and gold, but of course you can adapt these ideas for your own mascots and color schemes.

We had the party at my house and I kinda regret doing that.  My mother-in-law had offered to host it for me but since I was graduating in December I turned our annual Christmas party into a graduation party.  Between finals, graduating, and hosting, it turned out to be a bit much and by about 9:30 I was ready for everyone to go home so I could go to sleep.  I am SUCH a party animal.

graduation party

My mom made me a cool cake with my school's logo on the top.  I loved it!

graduation party

I made sugar cookies with sparkly icing showing the school nickname and year.  These keep well so I was able to make this ahead of time, which was helpful since the party was the same day I graduated!

graduation party

These "diplomas" are actually those Pepperidge Farm cookies that come in a canister.  (You just tie your school's color of ribbon on them.)  Yum!

graduation party

Our families pitched in with the rest of the items:  7 layer dip, mini sandwiches, meat and cheese rollups, etc.  I definitely needed their help and I'm so glad they were willing.

One perk to graduating in December was that my party supplies were bought in June for next to nothing.  If you're fortunate enough to graduate at a weird time of the year, keep an eye out for decorations during the previous "traditional" graduation time in the late spring/early summer.

graduation party

Looking back, the mix of graduation and Christmas decorations kinda makes me giggle.


I put out little buckets of color-coordinated candy.  I found these candy sticks at Cracker Barrel (they have all of the colors!!) plus butterscotch disks and Hershey kisses with blue wrappers.

Somebody though Cleo needed in on the festivities.  Poor dog.

A few other ideas:

If you're able to, borrow the whole graduation getup from a friend who graduated from the school a term or two ahead of you.  Take fun pictures around the campus that you can use with your invitations!

Me and Willie the Ram:


Posing at the entrance of the alumni building:


The invitations I made were actually wedding invitations.  I had already had two graduations before this so I was over the traditional invitation thing.  I love how they turned out!

graduation invitations


Have you thrown a graduation party?  Share your favorite ideas here!


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