Sunday, January 19, 2014

1950s Shower, Part One: The Food

This afternoon I co-hosted a 1950s themed baby shower for Laura, a good friend of mine.  There are a lot of ideas to show you so today I'll just focus on the food!

Since it was an afternoon shower we had snacky foods instead of a full meal.  Here's the spread:

Each of the food items had a famous name attached:  Marilyn's Milkshake Cupcakes, Patsy's Chex Mix, Buddy's Veggies, etc. 


Here are the two food items that I brought.  This one was supposed to look like a record:

Milkshake cupcakes?!  Mmmm mmmm!

These were easy to make and they are so fun!  Bake any kind of cupcake you want and then top with white frosting.  I piped them with an empty coupler (the plastic piece that you use to secure a frosting tip, also known as a big circle opening!) so they would have that smooth ice cream appearance that reminds me of a cone from Dairy Queen.  (Mmmm...dipped cones...)  Top it with a cherry sour candy and cut a bendy straw so it will fit in the cupcake and look like it's a reasonable height. 

The drinks were set up nearby and also followed the naming game.  Water and tea were on a table at the entrance:

Next to that there was a bar area that we transformed into a soda fountain.  Classic drinks were served up by Heather and Jenny (Kacie and Michelle were working hard scooping ice cream behind the scenes) in bottles and in floats!

I broke my no Coke rule for this cup of awesomeness.  So worth it!

I think the mama-to-be agrees!

Coming up on Wednesday:  the decorations!


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