Sunday, January 26, 2014

Road Trip: Austin

Occasionally I will feature some delicious cuisine I find when I hit the road.  For this first one I'm featuring Austin!  I stayed on the edge of UT's campus and was treated to views like this:

and this:

I've had hits and misses there but either way there is NEVER a shortage of options in this town.  In fact, each time I return I run into people who ask me if I went to "Fill-In-The-Blank" and then I have more to add to my list of things to try next time.  

A few weeks ago I saw something posted on Facebook about the top 100 things to eat in the summer in Austin.  Just going by the pictures I picked a couple to try and they were FABULOUS!

First up:  filet mignon pho from Phonatic

This was the most flavorful, tender pho I'd ever had.  The spring roll was fine but the pho was the star of this meal.  Wow!

After cruising around town a little I headed back to campus where I searched for a certain food truck park boasting a certain ice cream vendor.  Cow Tipping Creamery (how cute is that name?!) was absolutely worth the hunt.  I ordered the "Fluffer Nutter."  

 Toasted marshmallows (as in, you have to wait for it because they're toasting multiple layers of marshmallows), peanut butter drizzle, Ghiradelli chocolate ice cream, and crushed Nutter Butter cookies.  

I think that deserves another picture:

Ummm, who needs me to drop off paperwork to the State in Austin so I can get my hands on another one of these?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I was happily stuffed that night.  The next morning I woke up bright and early so I could hit up a classic:  Kerbey Lane Cafe.  If I have to find my own breakfast when I'm in town, this is where I'll be finding it. 

Buttermilk pancakes bigger than your face!  Love it!

I know this last one isn't technically Austin but when you're driving up I35 you HAVE to exit in West and go to the Czech Stop.  Get the pumpkin cream cheese kolaches, take them up on their offer to warm it up for you, and you'll be singing their praises the rest of the ride home.

This is how I road trip.  

Until next time,

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