Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1950s Shower, Part Two: The Decor

The pictures really speak for themselves so here we go!

 These little cuties were on the food table.  Jenny is so creative!

I have a thing for painting signs for showers.  I've painted things like a cowgirl, fruit wedges, and now 1950s themes.  This was for a sock activity where people wrote sweet wishes and advice on paper, rolled them up, and then stuffed them into tiny socks.  Jenny and Andy made the record signs, consulting the original "Shake Rattle and Roll" album so they'd look even more authentic!


We had a scrapbooking activity set up in another area.  Hopefully (ideally!) the new mom will be able to just place photos into a personalized album--the work will be done for her.  The scrapbook sign is an oversized replica of a picture of vintage scrapbook I saw online.  I turned it into our theme colors, added a ribbon for the "binding," and voila!  It's a scrapbook.


Treats and games table:

This is my most FAVORITE thing of all:  the light up drive-in sign!  I wish you could see it in person.  It turned out just like I'd hoped!  I used a foam board (for all of the signs, but especially important for this one) and sketched and painted the design.  Then, I measured and poked holes in the sign with my scrapbooking paper piercer.  I had to poke several holes in the same area so that eventually the entire area would give way and become large enough to push a Christmas light through.  The back is covered in duct tape to secure the lights. 

A 1950s bash just wouldn't be the same without a car pointing the way to the entrance.  (Hi Big Bird!)  We even did a DIY balloon arch--there's this amazing strip of plastic with holes pre-punched into it that you tuck the balloons into.  Michelle taped them for extra reinforcement and it seemed like everything stayed in place throughout the whole event.  It was tied on with yarn and that worked perfectly. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of our 1950s shower.  If you need more detail on any of the projects you can leave a comment and I'd be happy to explain further. 


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