Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Victorian Home Tour: Around the "Garden"

We haven't really gotten to the yard yet.  We mow it (usually...most of it...okay, the important parts) but we're in the "tear it out" stage instead of the "plant stuff" stage.  I wanted a full year here to see what would pop up, and we've had some nice variety and color in the backyard!

Behind the garage are lots of rose bushes.  I'd heard that you need to cut them back so much it seems like you're killing them in order for them to grow and be healthy the next year.  I did, and it worked!

We also have several shades of irises coming up:  deep purple, yellow, white, lavender, and my favorite, purple and white striped!

Dingo's a big fan of the irises.  It's his hiding spot:  sitting in the middle of the flowers, under the pecan tree, waiting for hours on end for that bird or squirrel to fall out of the tree and into his mouth!


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