Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Victorian Home Tour: Wallpaper Galore

Ohhhh, the wallpaper.

It was everywhere.  There's still some in the seldom-used upstairs bathroom but the rest of it is GONE!  The wallpaper was usually placed directly on the drywall, which made it especially difficult to remove.  In some places, the original wallpaper just wasn't bad enough, so even MORE was placed on top of the original paper!

You'll see the full impact of the papers and borders throughout this series.  Here are some closeups of my "favorites":

the kitchen (and underneath this:  little country houses!)

the bar (it was textured!)

the upstairs bathroom

the master bathroom

My true favorite was the wallpaper in the half bath.  The camera could not focus on the pattern, which is what happened to my eyes when I was unscrewing a fixture from the wall--suddenly I couldn't see straight and had to leave the room!

We're not missing the wallpaper.  I can admire some of the newer patterns but I just can't bring myself to use them...too many memories of taking it down!  What do you think about wallpaper?  For it or against?



  1. OK, I've been through the Wallpaper IN stage and the Wallpaper OUT stage where I had to remove stuff that was stuck directly on the sheetrock. I think I would be for it if I put it on myself -- on a prepped wall and could remove it later when again it would become out-of-style. They have some very nice patterns and it is great to use as an ACCENT wall. I would never, ever put it on a ceiling again as I did in the house in California because a) too much of anything is not good and b) it was a comedy of errors installing it. It kept wanting to fall down as I tried to smooth out the bubbles. Makes me chuckle just thinking about it. So yes, I would say if the room design was good for it, go for it!

  2. I can't imagine getting it to stay on the ceiling!